My name is Mark and I am the founder of Movie Palette. The company was born from my passion for art, engineering and love for movies. In 2014 I developed a code to produce Movie Palette images for my University project. I never saw it as a business, but it has attracted lot’s of passionate conversations in my house whenever I had guests, it was also the coolest gift for my friends!  Fast forward to 2019 I attended a local fairs market where I met my now business partner Tim.

Tim helped me to open an online store, develop partnerships with the best printing companies, market the business and make sure we have highly responsive and caring customer service team.

We have also spent countless hours developing our patented proprietary software and working with our partners on getting the best canvas materials from across the world. We are very keen to see happy customers.

For any issues please contact me and my team at help@moviepalette.com

With love,


MB Inner Capital