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Movie Palette

No Country for Old Men (2007) Movie Palette

No Country for Old Men (2007) Movie Palette

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Product Information

Movie Palette is an eye-catching and unique piece of artwork that holds a deep secret. Your friends and family will be intrigued by the fascinating story that each Movie Palette has to tell.

This Movie Palette displays all of the striking colors from each scene of the movie No Country for Old Men 2007. These colors combined give you a captivating masterpiece that truly captures the essence of the movie.

How Does It Work?

Our specialist graphic designers use patented technology to determine the prominent color from each movie scene. These colors are then strategically laid out, side by side, in chronological order. The width of each stripe represents the length of the scene.

The effect is a stunning and accurate representation of the colors and vibrancy found in your favorite movies. As its secret is revealed, Movie Palette is sure to become a conversation piece as you try and guess which color represents which scene.

Standard or Premium?

It's no secret that all of our striking canvases are handcrafted with the highest attention to quality and detail. The standard Movie Palette is made to a 0.75 bar depth and has a soft satin finish. The Premium option has a protective glossy finish and is made to 1.25 bar depth. As well as this, Premium Movie Palettes are mounted on a thicker frame.



Satin/matte finish

Chemically perfect gloss finish

0.75" bar depth

1.25" bar depth

Quality Guaranteed

We want your Movie Palette to be a time-resistant, mystical masterpiece. This is why we use only the highest standard of materials and most up to date printing technology to lovingly create each pallet.

In Partnership with the Planet

We're serious about sustainability and we believe in giving something back to our planet. This is why all of our Movie Palettes are made from environmentally friendly products.

We use Stretchers Bar's wood from FSC Certified sustainable forests for our frames and UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink for the printing. As well as this, we give 10% of our profits to the One Tree Planted organization. This means that when you invest in a Movie Palette you are also investing in the planet.

Worldwide Shipping - 100% Tracked

Using local postal services, your order will be dispatched within 1-5 working days from one of our international warehouses.

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